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BOTOX - Waco, Texas

BOTOX  is the most popular procedure performed by plastic surgeons today.  A small needle is used to inject BOTOX into the muscles of the face that cause wrinkles and deep creases, which inhibits nerve impulses to these facial muscles relaxing them and smoothing the skin and wrinkles. BOTOX is most commonly used to treat the furrows between the brows, the forehead creases and the crow's feet area. The effect of  BOTOX  can last for 4 months before another treatment is required.

Dr. Hand's experience with injected BOTOX is extensive and he uses his artistic judgement and detailed knowledge of the facial muscle anatomy to customize your treatment plan to obtain the results you desire. BOTOX is the best non-surgical procedure to rejuvenate the aging face and the results obtained by Dr. Hand can produce phenomenal improvements in your appearance. Don't trust just anybody to perform your  BOTOX, contact Dr. Hand today to schedule an appointment and get the beautiful results you deserve. He always injects the BOTOX himself and will never delegate to a technician to inject like is one in most spas and offices -- which is usually someone with  limited medical or artistic experience. BOTOX is currently $13 a unit in our practice and you will always know what you are getting...BOTOX injected by a surgical artist who has performed thousands of these procedure on satisfied patients.  There is never a consult fee if you are having product injected. 

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